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Authenticity Guarantee Policy

1stDibs Authenticity Guarantee

1stDibs works with a range of trusted, prestigious sellers worldwide who are respected experts in their fields and stand behind the authenticity of each item available for purchase on 1stDibs. 1stDibs offers our Authenticity Guarantee to address concerns regarding authenticity made within one year of purchase. Subject to the terms below, if an item purchased on 1stDibs is found to be inauthentic, the 1stDibs Authenticity Guarantee will provide up to $100,000 to reimburse the purchase price and related shipping expenses for the item.

The 1stDibs Authenticity Guarantee applies to the following attributes regarding items purchased on 1stDibs:

  • Creator: 1stDibs guarantees the identity of the specific creator, brand, designer, manufacturer, or artist indicated on the item listing page. Note that the 1stDibs Authenticity Guarantee does not apply to items described as “attributed to,” “circle of,” “in the style of,” or “after” a specific creator in the Item Details, as such designations signify that the item is not necessarily produced by the creator identified in the listing.
  • Material: 1stDibs guarantees that the item is made of genuine materials to the extent described on the item listing page, including, as applicable, the material; metal; stone; stone cut, color and clarity; weight (carat related to jewelry stone and ounce related to silver) and medium of construction set forth on the item listing page.
  • Time Period: 1stDibs guarantees that the item was manufactured in the period, date of manufacture, or creation year indicated on the item listing page. Note that for items with approximate dates of manufacture or creation years on the item listing page (“circa” dates), the 1stDibs Authenticity Guarantee only applies with respect to such attributes if an item is found to be manufactured or created in a materially different period than such approximate date indicated on the item listing page.
  • Technique: 1stDibs guarantees that the original methods of construction described on the item listing page are accurate. The 1stDibs Guarantee covers technique as it relates to the craftsman's original work and does not cover modifications of the item over time.

The 1stDibs Authenticity Guarantee is limited to the attributes listed above and does not apply to the following attributes (which list may be amended from time to time at the sole discretion of 1stDibs): Place of Origin, Condition, Movement, Style, Size, Case Shape, Dimensions and Case Dimensions. However, you may contact 1stDibs to report concerns related to these or any other attributes under our Buyer Protection policy.

To be eligible for payment under the Authenticity Guarantee, a Buyer must:

  • Have completed the order through our secure checkout
  • Contact 1stDibs within one year of the order confirmation date of the item
  • Provide 1stDibs within one year of the delivery date of the item written opinions from two (2) independent and recognized experts in the field substantiating the claim of inauthenticity. Note that in limited circumstances, 1stDibs may in its sole discretion waive the requirement of a second independent substantiation based on the identity of the initial expert provided.
  • Provide 1stDibs with any additional supporting documentation that may be reasonably requested by 1stDibs to facilitate the determination of its assessment of the claim
  • Return the item in the same condition it was in at the time of purchase on 1stDibs

Once a Buyer contacts 1stDibs and provides the required supporting documentation, 1stDibs will examine the claim internally and with the Seller. The Seller will have the opportunity to provide one or more written opinions from independent and recognized experts in the field to refute the inauthenticity claim. Ultimately, 1stDibs shall have the sole right to determine the validity of any inauthenticity claim and whether the 1stDibs Authenticity Guarantee program will reimburse the Buyer for the following costs:

  • Original purchase price (inclusive of taxes and duties paid by Buyer)
  • Original shipping
  • Return shipping
  • Reasonable and customary fees paid to the two substantiating experts for their written opinions

Submission of expert opinions or other substantiation is not dispositive and does not require 1stDibs to accept a claim under this policy. 1stDibs’ determinations, including as to authenticity and the associated costs to be reimbursed, shall be final in the absence of 1stDibs’ manifest error.


1stDibs reserves the right to amend any of the provisions of this Authenticity Guarantee at any time in its sole discretion and without further notice. Any changes will be effective upon the posting of such changes on the Site.

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