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Recommended Order-By Dates for Holiday 2023 Delivery

This year, we know receiving items on time for the holidays is of the utmost importance. We recommend following the below suggested order by dates* when making a purchase. As always, you can also contact the seller directly to request expedited delivery or alternative shipping options. 


  • Order by Oct 2 for standard front door freight (International)
  • Order by Oct 28 for standard front door freight (intra - European) 
  • Order by Nov 7 standard front door freight (within the continental US)
  • Order by Nov 18 for express front door freight (Air international)
  • Order by Dec 5 for standard parcel (international)
  • Order by Dec 13 for standard parcel (within the continental US)
  • Order by Dec 15 for express parcel (international)
  • Order by Dec 19 for 2-Day Express Parcel (within the continental US)


For full descriptions of each shipping method, please visit {Insert Link

For more information on how to request expedited shipping, please visit {Insert Link}


*Last date on which an order is reasonably expected to reach its destination by December 25, 2023.  This is not a guarantee. It is an estimate only, and applies only to items that don’t require special handling. Does not apply to (A) custom/made-to-order items; (B) items requiring special handling; or (C) bulky items. Excludes time periods when the shipper is waiting for you to respond to them. As a marketplace, we depend on the sellers for fulfillment and are not responsible if the seller is unable to promptly fulfill your order. Because items from 1stdibs are often high-value/unique/irreplaceable, we may use specialized shippers whose holiday capacity may be limited and who may require more time to ensure safe delivery. 

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