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What is an Appropriate Amount to Negotiate?

When it comes to the appropriate amount to negotiate, approach the seller with a respectful and friendly tone from the start of the process. You’re interested in purchasing the item, right? Make an attempt to lead with a thoughtful and sensible offer that eliminates prolonged back-and-forth and shows the seller you’re serious about purchasing the merchandise. If the offer differs significantly from the list price, a seller may not accept it.


With respect to e-commerce platforms, on the seller’s side, they’re typically representing a small business, and they are glad to retain you as a customer. Avoid initiating the process with a very low offer. And in your communications with the seller, don’t suggest that the item is priced incorrectly. This is about your budget, not how a seller has priced merchandise.


Negotiating with sellers is encouraged on 1stDibs, a leading online marketplace for extraordinary design. Since 2000, we have captured the magic of the Paris flea market, connecting those seeking the most beautiful things on earth with highly coveted sellers and makers in furniture and home decor, art, fine jewelry and fashion


The thoroughly vetted sellers on 1stDibs will set their own prices and decide if they are willing to negotiate or not. Many factors go into this decision, like how much the seller initially paid for the item, its scarcity, how long it’s been on the market and interest from other buyers. Not every seller will be willing to negotiate on price, but if they are, the “Make an Offer” button will be on the item page.


1stDibs works with a range of trusted prestigious sellers around the world, who are respected professionals in their fields, and the company is committed to shoppers’ satisfaction and peace of mind with every single purchase.

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