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Price-Match Guarantee

We expect all our sellers to offer their lowest price. If you discover the same item listed for less by the same seller elsewhere, we'll match the price.


To be eligible for our price-match guarantee, the item must meet the following criteria:

  • The exact same item is listed for sale by the same 1stDibs seller and advertised for a lower price
  • 1stDibs has been informed of the price discrepancy within 7 calendar days of purchasing
  • The lower advertised price has been listed or advertised publicly. Verbal offers made on other platforms do not qualify.
  • The lower advertised price must be documented in the form of a screenshot, active website listing, or photo of the advertised price in a publication.
  • The lower advertised price cannot be a promotional, introductory, or limited sale offering on another platform.

If your item meets all of the above requirements, please contact 1stDibs support immediately and we will work on your behalf directly with the seller to deliver our price-match guarantee.

The 1stDibs Promise

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