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How does an auction work?


For a step-by-step on how auctions work on 1stDibs, click here.

The gallery or seller will set a reserve price for an item. Once the first bid is placed at the reserve price or higher, an auction begins and lasts 7 days. If an item is not sold, the seller may choose to relist it for auction. All items available for auction can be found here.


Requirements to Bid


You must have an account on 1stDibs and a valid credit card or Paypal account saved to your profile before bidding.

How to Bid


Enter a bid that is greater than or equal to the next minimum bid on the item page, then select “Place Bid”. We will automatically bid for you at the next increment and save the amount you entered (if higher) as your “max” bid. We will then confirm receipt of your bid with an email. You will not be charged to place a bid. If you win the auction, you may edit your payment method at checkout which is when you will be charged. By placing a bid you agree to our User Terms and commit to purchasing the item if you win the auction.

Maximum Bid


If you enter a bid that is higher than the next minimum bid, that amount is considered to be your maximum bid — but it is not necessarily the price you will pay. Our system will place bids on your behalf according to our automatic bidding increments, up to (but not exceeding) your maximum bid. This is to ensure you remain the highest bidder. 

Bidding Increments


Our automatic bidding increments will decide the minimum bid that must be placed. Each is based on the placed bids and increases according to these intervals.


Min Max Increment
1 499 25
500 999 50
1,000 1,999 100
2,000 4,999 200
5,000 9,999 500
10,000 19,999


20,000 49,999


50,000 99,999


100,000 -


Bidding increments are in USD, regardless of the item’s original currency or the preferred currency set in your profile. The USD minimum next bid amount will be converted to all other currencies. 



Certain items available at auction may have a reserve price. This refers to the minimum price the item can be sold for and is determined by the seller. If an item has a set reserve price, 1stDibs can place bids on your behalf, up to the amount of the reserve. If you bid on an item with a reserve, and your max bid reaches or exceeds the reserve, your bid will be continuously increased to meet this reserve. 


Buy it Now


In some instances, you can purchase an item at a set price using the Buy It Now option. Items will have a “Buy It Now” option as well as a “Bid” option. Items that have a “Buy It Now” feature will be available until the starting bid is met. If an item is ordered using the “Buy It Now” feature, we will remove it from the auction once the purchase is completed.




If a bid is placed within five minutes of the auction item’s closing time (a practice referred to as “sniping”), five additional minutes will be added to the designated closing time for that item. 


Winning an Auction


If you are the highest bidder and the reserve has been met when the auction ends, we will send you an email notifying you that you’re the winner. You have 7 days to confirm your payment and review the shipping rate, this can be completed on your order page




You are responsible for shipping costs. In some cases, a shipping quote will be available prior to bidding. If one is not provided, once the auction is won, you will be able to request a shipping quote through your order page.


Return Policy


An item’s return policy is set by the seller. We recommend viewing the seller’s return policy prior to placing a bid. Here is an article to learn more about the Return Policy.

Buyer Protection 


1stDibs is committed to your satisfaction and peace of mind with every auction purchase. Your purchase is eligible for Buyer Protection as part of the 1stDibs Promise.  Here is an article to learn more about the Buyer Protection Policy.


Buyers Premium


Buyer’s premium is a charge the winning bidder must pay in addition to the item's purchase price. 1stDibs does NOT charge a buyer’s premium.


Won Auction - Payment Abandonment


1stDibs strives to provide a fair and transparent platform for buying and selling items. As such, we expect all our customers to adhere to our policies and complete their purchases promptly after winning an auction. Therefore, we have implemented the following policy to ensure that buyers meet their obligation to promptly complete their purchase for each auction they win. Please see our Auction FAQs and Auction Terms for details on your obligations when you win an auction.

All bidders must complete the checkout process of their successful bids promptly after the auction has ended. If you fail to complete your purchase after winning an auction twice, your account will be permanently suspended from bidding on any future auctions. 

We understand that in rare circumstances there may be unforeseen circumstances that prevent a customer from completing a purchase. In such cases, we encourage you to reach out to us to explain your situation, and our team will try to find a solution that is fair for both parties; however we retain the right in our sole discretion to treat this as an uncompleted purchase.

Failure to complete a purchase on an auction you won is unfair to other bidders and to the seller, and we trust that our customers understand the importance of completing your purchases promptly to avoid such situations. 


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