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Initiating a Return

If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, you may be able to return the item depending on the seller's policy. Each seller on 1stDibs is allowed to set their own return policy, and is not required to accept returns.


EU and UK buyers are welcome to return an item within 14 days of delivery, regardless of the seller’s policy.


You can view the seller’s return policy by going to your orders page, and clicking 'Order Details' on the item you are looking to return.


Initiating a Return


If the seller accepts returns, you may request a return by going to your orders page, finding the item you are looking to return, and clicking the Order Assistance button.




A menu will then appear, where you can select "Request a Return."




It will ask for a reason, return address, and packing information about the item you received.




  • The request will then be sent to the seller to approve the return request.
  • Once approved by the seller, the 1stDibs shipping team will provide you a shipping quote for the return shipping. You will need to approve of the quote via your orders page, and then a return label or return shipment will be arranged.
    • If a shipping label is provided - please print the label and ship back the item at your local shipping store.
    • If it is an In-Home Delivery or large freight shipment, the carrier will be in contact with you to arrange a pickup.
  • Once the seller receives the item back a refund will be processed back to you.


Seller Return Policies


Restocking Fee: A percentage of the item cost, set by the seller that is not refunded if the item is returned

Original Shipment Cost: Is not refunded if the item is returned

Return Shipping Cost: Will be subtracted from the refund amount


International and Select Domestic Item Returns


  • While we do our best to ensure returns are clearly noted on the label, there may be additional customs, duties and taxes applied to a return that are incumbent upon the customer to pay. Any costs for the return will be deducted from your refund.
  • In compliance with the 2011 EU Directive, residents of the EU and UK may return their item within 14 days of delivery, if the order meets the eligibility requirements, regardless of the seller’s policy.


If Your Item Arrived Damaged


Note, any item that arrives damaged or not as described may be covered by the 1stDibs Buyer Protection Policy. Once an item is reported damaged on delivery it cannot be treated as a standard return, because we need to determine how the damage has occurred. For all shipments where it is cited as transit damage, we will need to collate the relevant images and documentation because this is a requirement to submit a claim to the carrier. This normally has to be fulfilled within 30 days of the shipped date or the delivery date of the order.


14 Day Return Shipment Window


For approved returns, the following milestones must be met within 14 days:


Parcel Returns

  • Approved returns must be shipped within 14 days of receiving the return label for standard return shipments, or the return will be considered void. Once the return is considered void, the return shipping label will be removed from your order page.

Freight Returns

  • If your item will need to be professionally crated and shipped via freight or white glove methods — the return shipping quote must be accepted no later than 14 days from the quote provided or the return will be considered void.


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