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Logging In with Your Social Account

Connecting your Google or Facebook account to your 1stDibs account will make it easier to log in to 1stDibs in the future. Upon logging in with either social account, you'll have full access to the 1stDibs site as you normally would. Note that by connecting your accounts, you're agreeing to provide 1stDibs with your Google or Facebook data.


Connecting Your Accounts


If you already have a 1stDibs account, connecting it to your Google or Facebook account is easy. Simply select the Google, Facebook or Apple icon. If the email address of your social account is the same as your 1stDibs account, we’ll automatically link them. If you have a 1stDibs account and try to log in with your social account, but the email addresses do not match, we'll create a new 1stDibs account for you.




However, if you want to link your original 1stDibs account to your social account, simply log in to your 1stDibs account and go to Account Information.




Select the Social Connections tab and click on the social account you want to connect. Go through the login process, which will then connect that account to your 1stDibs account.




Disconnecting Your Accounts

You can disconnect your accounts at any time. Within Account Information, simply select the Social Connections tab and click Disconnect account on the left side of the screen (as shown above).





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