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Shipping Methods

We partner with leading providers to offer fully insured delivery, almost anywhere in the world. 


What delivery methods are available to me?


Different shipping options are available to you depending on the size, fragility, and location of the item. Some of 1stDibs' most common shipping methods are In-Home Delivery, Front Door Freight, and Parcel. Read on to learn more about these options and more.


In-Home Delivery

In-Home delivery is used for large domestic shipments, in which the item will be wrapped in a blanket and transported via a commercial truck. Live tracking is not typically available for this method, however, the delivery company will contact you directly to schedule a delivery window.
Click here to learn more: In-Home Delivery Shipping Method.


Freight Shipping

Front Door Freight is a shipping method typically used for international shipments or fragile items. Prior to transit, a custom crate is built around the item in order to protect it and allow for safe passage. The crating process makes up a significant portion of the quoted shipping time, during which time a tracking link will not be available. Once crating is complete, the crate will be transferred to a transit company and shipped in one of two ways:

  • Air Freight: The crate will be placed on a FedEx or DHL shipping carrier plane -- at that time you will receive a tracking number and link. Delivery will not be scheduled and the item will be placed by your front door.

  • Sea Freight: The crate will be placed in a shipping container and travel overseas via boat. Once it reaches the destination country, the crate will be transferred to a standard shipping carrier (e.g. FedEx or DHL) and you will receive a tracking number and link. Delivery will not be scheduled and the item will be placed by your front door.

Click here to learn more: Freight Shipping.


Parcel Shipping

Parcel shipping refers to shipping lighter, smaller boxed items where the seller is able to pack and ship the item via standard mail carriers. Once the seller has packed the item, they will receive a shipping label and live tracking will be available to you.
Click here to learn more: Parcel Shipping.


Courier Shipping

Courier shipping is typically used for local shipments, in which the item is hand-delivered via a messenger service. Live tracking is typically unavailable for this method of shipment.

Estimated Shipping Times


Delivery Method



In-Home Delivery

4–7 Weeks

4–10+ Weeks


4–7 Weeks

8–10+ Weeks

Standard Parcel

3–7 Days

2–3 Weeks

Express Parcel

2–5 Days

1–3 Weeks


1–2 Days



Please note that handling (which includes preparing an item for shipment, packaging, and disassembly) may take anywhere from 5 to 10 days. This is not included in the shipping time estimates noted above, but is accounted for in the estimate provided to you on an item details page and at checkout. 

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