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Negotiating Prices

At 1stDibs, sellers set their own prices and decide whether or not they are willing to negotiate. Many factors go into this decision, including how much the seller initially paid for the item, its scarcity, how long it's been on the market and interest from other buyers. Every situation is different, and we encourage you to negotiate to get the best price you can.

Not every seller will be willing to negotiate on price. But if they are, you’ll know this by the Make an Offer button that can be found below the Purchase button on the item page:


Once you have selected the Make an Offer button, a pop-up will appear on your screen:


Input the price or percentage off that you are willing to purchase the item for into the pop-up window and click Continue. You’ll then be taken to a secure checkout page asking for payment and shipping details. The offer will not be submitted until checkout is complete, so be sure to fill out those fields.

Once checkout is complete, the seller will be notified of your offer.

  • If the seller accepts your offer, and shipping has been quoted or is provided for free, your order will be confirmed and the item will be shipped.
  • If the seller accepts your offer and shipping has not yet been quoted, the seller will send you a quote for approval. If you accept the shipping quote, your order will be confirmed and the item will be shipped. If you reject the quote, your order will be canceled and you will not be charged.
  • In some cases, the seller may send a counteroffer. You can either accept it to confirm your order, or you can counter with a new price. Your order will only be processed once you and the seller have both agreed upon the item price and the shipping quote.
  • If the seller rejects your offer, your offer will be canceled and you will not be charged.

Once an offer has been accepted and the shipping quote approved, we'll work with the seller to handle the details of getting your item delivered to you. You can also choose to arrange your own shipping or pick up the item. 

Is it your first time negotiating on 1stDibs? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the best price possible.

Do you have questions about the item before you make an offer? Visit our page here to learn how to Contact a Seller or Gallery.

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