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Tax Exemptions and Resale Certificates

As a 1stDibs customer, you are eligible to remove sales tax from purchases, provided you have the proper documentation on file with 1stDibs and certify that your purchases are tax-exempt.

Sales Tax and When it Applies

Sales tax will be added to an order if either 1stDibs or the seller has nexus to collect sales tax in that state, regardless of whether the transaction is intrastate (within the same state), interstate (between two different states), or international (from a non-US location to the US).
However, if you (the Buyer) have already provided a valid resale certificate for the state the item is being shipped to (or picked up) tax will automatically be adjusted on your order without any additional action.

Registering Your Tax Documents

There are two ways to register your resale or tax exemption certificates with 1stDibs to enjoy tax-exempt purchasing:

  1. Account Information Page: Visit your Account Information page to quickly and easily register your resale and tax-exempt certificates.
  2. Checkout: When checking out on 1stDibs, you can click to “add tax exempt certificate” to quickly and easily register relevant tax documentation for that purchase.

Once registered, you can visit your Account Information page to manage certificates and renew expired (or soon-to-be-expired) documents.

Please note that Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and New Mexico require an additional step to validate your tax exemption status, which may take 2 business days to process. If you need to make an immediate tax-free purchase related to one of these states, please contact us.

As of April 9, 2024 Trade firms with existing resale and tax-exempt certificates on file with 1stDibs will need to update all tax documents with one of the above methods to remove tax from eligible purchases.

How to Apply Tax Exemption on Orders

Once you've submitted a valid resale certificate, the resale certificate will be applied for future orders shipped to that state when purchased for resale. If 1stDibs does not have a valid resale certificate on file for the state you are shipping to, click “Add Tax Exempt Certificate” once you have reached Checkout. When you have completed the relevant forms, the checkout screen will update with the newly adjusted tax.

Removing Tax from an Existing Order

If an order is confirmed before the resale certificate has been applied to your account, the tax cannot be removed from the order. You must cancel and resubmit the order or contact support for assistance within 24 hours of order submission. Orders must be submitted after you receive confirmation from 1stDibs that your resale certificate has been updated.

We cannot refund tax from any confirmed orders placed prior to registering for tax exemption through the above-noted process.

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