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Tax Exemptions and Resale Certificates

Only our verified Trade members are eligible to remove sales tax from purchases, provided they have the proper documentation on file with 1stDibs and certify that their purchases are tax exempt.

Please contact us to share your firm's valid resale or tax exemption certificates. 


Sales Tax and When it Applies


Sales tax will be added to an order if either 1stDibs or the seller has nexus to collect sales tax in that state, regardless of whether the transaction is intrastate (within the same state), interstate (between two different states), or international (from a non-US location to the US). However, if you (the Trade firm) have provided a valid resale certificate for the state the item is being shipped to or picked up in and the Trade firm is purchasing the item for resale to an end client, then a box will appear during checkout to remove the sales tax.


Exemption Requirements

In order to make tax-exempt purchases, your firm must send 1stDibs a copy of your valid state resale certificate, not just a resale number. Below are guidelines for acceptable documentation:

  • The "seller" or "vendor" section must be left blank and must not say "1stDibs".
  • LA, NM, OK, WA: submit current state-issued Sales Tax Permit/Reseller Permit. FL: submit current state-issued Resale Certificate.
  • ALL other states must submit a completed and signed Resale Certificate form with the "seller" or "vendor" section left blank.
  • Note: Firms in Florida must submit an updated resale certificate every year, as Florida resale certificates expire annually.


How to Apply Tax Exemption on Orders

Once you've submitted a valid resale certificate, the resale certificate may be applied for future orders within that state purchased for resale.

  • If 1stDibs has a valid resale certificate on file for the state you are shipping to, you will see a notification on the order invoice and at checkout. You must check the box at checkout to certify that the purchase is tax exempt in order to remove sales tax from your order.
  • If 1stDibs does not have a valid resale certificate on file for the state you are shipping to, you will see a notification on the order invoice and at checkout. If the purchase is eligible for tax exemption, please provide us with a valid resale or tax exemption certificate for the appropriate state.


Notification at checkout to certify purchase is eligible for tax exemption



Notification at checkout If there is no valid exemption certificate on file


Applying Tax Exemption on Existing Orders


If an order is initiated before the resale certificate has been applied to your Trade account, the tax will not be removed from the order. You must cancel it and resubmit the order, or contact support. Orders must be submitted after you receive confirmation from 1stDibs that your resale certificate has been updated. If the resale certificate is provided after an order is confirmed, a tax refund is at the discretion of the seller and 1stDibs.


Examples of Valid Documentation

See example certificates from New York and California. You can find blank copies of your state-issued certificate in this directory, or contact us.

New York Resale Certificate



California Resale Certificate


EU VAT Reverse Charge


If you wish to remove VAT from your transaction, please visit the EU VAT Reverse Charge article.


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