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Create an Invoice

You can easily see the details and cost of an item before making a purchase by creating an invoice or requesting one from the seller. A pro forma invoice offers you a way to keep track of your transactions; for interior designers, it can act as a formal quote they can then present to clients.

You can create a pro forma invoice from any item detail page by clicking View Invoice under the Details section.



You can also create an invoice in the 1stDibs inbox within the seller message.



Invoices may be customized by clicking the pen icons located throughout the document. A few customizations you might make include:

  • Adding the shipping and billing address
  • Selecting a shipping method
  • Requesting a custom shipping quote
  • Adding payment method and instructions

For added convenience, 1stDibs Trade 1st members can also add a sidemark and project tag to the invoice.

You can also choose to print the invoice or click Purchase to complete your order.


Invoices can only be viewed and edited prior to order confirmation. Once a purchase is confirmed, you can view the receipt by signing into your 1stDibs account and selecting Orders under the account menu in the top right corner of the screen, but you will no longer be able to edit your invoice.

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