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Seller Review Process

At 1stDibs, our in-house experts conduct a comprehensive evaluation of every seller we work with to ensure the integrity of their listings and the quality of their service, so you can shop with confidence.

Before their items appear on 1stDibs, all sellers must submit an application for review, through which they are evaluated on the quality of their inventory and its appropriateness for our 1stDibs customers.

1stDibs goes above and beyond to make sure that the items our customers are shopping for meet the highest marketplace standards. In order to do that, we set industry-leading standards, and we require all sellers to abide by those standards. Our team of in-house experts proactively audits a sampling of our inventory to ensure accurate representation. If a seller fails to meet any of our standards, we will promptly reach out to the seller to address the matter. We try to resolve all issues in a timely manner, but if they are not addressed to our level of satisfaction, the seller will be removed.

You can learn more about our vetting process here.

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